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    Prolimit Charger seat harness

    Prolimit Charger seat harness

    The best Slalom and Freerace harness. It is smallest profile seat harness for sailors who prefer maximum freedom of movement over high back support.

    Available sizes: L

    Original Price: 129.00 €

    Price: 89.00 €

    Prolimit Freemove seat harness

    Prolimit Freemove seat harness

    The allround/entry level and recreational seat harness. It has a high bar position for easy hooking and unhooking.

    Available sizes: L / S

    Original Price: 110.00 €

    Price: 85.00 €

    Prolimit Race seat harness

    Prolimit Race seat harness

    The full on racing harness. It locks the power in with the double buckle spreader bar. It combines good support with comfort for long races. Designed to let you put the power down for Formula racing and slalom. There is no barpad on the harness.

    Available sizes: XL

    Original Price: 139.00 €

    Price: 99.00 €